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Cuckoo Clock 2 (Little Chalet)

CHF 49.90

Availability: In Stock

Beautifully decorated clock with a lot of style and a girl swinging from one side to the other on her swing. This last movement also moves a chimney sweep on the roof. Every hour, the cuckoo chirps and sings with an echo. This splendid clock offers you the chance to choose between cuckoo and Westminster chimes, as well as a manual night stop. The pendulum quartz mechanism works with a 1.5 V AA battery supplied (except USA). This clock was designed by the company Engstler, a family business known for decades for the quality and originality of his creations.

Reference: K0183 / 20 SQ

Brand: Engstler

Material: Wood

Color(s): multicolored

Dimensions: length 17 cm, width 8 cm, height 14 cm

Weight: 1.000 kg(s)

Warranty: 2 Years

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